Your Inner Landscape Beckons.


 Psychotherapy is a powerful process that turns the gaze inward.  You may  be experiencing a time in your life when your habitual patterns are feeling stifling- perhaps you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again, or your relationship difficulties are becoming exhausting, or longstanding issues may be surfacing as roadblocks that make you feel stuck or alone.  

 Psychotherapy opens the door to new possibilities of engaging with ourselves and others. By helping us gain awareness about our inner workings, this collaborative process can free us in order to respond, rather than continuously react to life's difficulties. This requires courage and curiosity, as it entails self-study, referred to as svadhyaya in yogic philosophy.   Svadhyaya literally means ¨one's own reading.¨

¨Study thy self, discover the divine.¨  Patanjali's Yogasutra II.44

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