Psychoanalytic treatment is based on the idea that people are frequently motivated by unrecognized wishes and desires that originate in one’s unconscious.
— American Psychoanalytic Association

What is Psychoanalysis?  

We all have ways in which we deceive ourselves, about who we really are and what we really want. Just like the blind spots in our rearview mirror, our mind contains unconscious conflicts that can keep us stuck in patterns that we may clearly see and yet not know our way out of. 

We may be bright enough to know that we "should know better," and yet for many of us, it may seem as if obscure forces lead us to choices that move us against the currents of our goals, wishes or values.

Psychoanalysis has evolved quite a bit from the time Freud first coined it as the "talking cure" in 1895.  The method of psychoanalysis involves freely saying whatever comes to your mind so that with time, the self-deceptions can be dispelled and you can become familiar with the parts of yourself that were hidden. Psychoanalysis is also different than "regular" therapy in the greater frequency of sessions per week- this is worked out between you and the analyst, as well as the cost. 

Psychotherapy sessions prior to beginning psychoanalysis occur to discuss if this is a good option for you. During this time, we will together explore the reservations and questions you may have about embarking on this enriching process.