THRIVE Trauma-Informed Yoga

THRIVE is a trauma-informed yoga system which weaves together neuroscience, trauma research, attachment theory, and contemplative Buddhist practices to enhance integration, strength, and resilience.  

I found yoga in 2000, while seeking a new way to approach fitness and a path to tame my mind while completing graduate studies in social work. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2009 and received specialized training in trauma-sensitive Yoga through the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Massachusetts.

I have studied under wonderfully skilled teachers and have taught yoga in studios such as Yoga Ananda, BIG Power Yoga, Equinox River Oaks in Houston, and Breathe Yoga Studio in Pittsburgh, PA.  I currently teach group classes at Texas Yogini studio in the Museum District in addition to THRIVE.

The three main components of THRIVE are:  Presence, Safety and Relationship. These components are cultivated by the interplay of several factors, such as refraining from physical assists, practicing with the students, and providing tools for emotional regulation in the event that physical sensations become overwhelming.  THRIVE's primary intent is to help people establish a trusting relationship with their bodies.  


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